Life-Style Modification, LLC believes that if you have the desire and the motivation to enjoy a better and longer life, then our wellness education program is right for you.

Glenn Blumberg established Life-Style Modification, LLC in order to show how he has rejuvenated himself and feels like a teenager (but without the growing pains).

Glenn is a 65-year-old successful businessman who has resided in the Gainesville, Florida area for 32 years. He has a BA in Economics and a minor in Education from SUNY in Stony Brook, New York.

Three years ago, Glenn was diagnosed with diverticulosis (forming of gas pockets in the intestines) that forced him to change his diet. In doing so, plus other life changes, Glenn began to have extraordinary positive effects on his body and mind:

  1. 12% weight loss, close to 0% body fat
  2. Increase in endurance and strength on the tennis court
  3. Increase in mental acuity
  4. Increase in sexual stamina and desire
  5. Sounder and longer restful sleep patterns

Education is critical in achieving wellness and attending our program is a requisite for improving and reaching your goals.

Please download the application/questionnaire and legal forms and return by email, fax, or mail. If you are accepted into our program, Mr. Blumberg will call you personally to see if you have any questions and advise you of the start date in Gainesville, Florida.